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Posted in nonsense, programming on January 9, 2008 by bbarrett

This week has been slow programming wise. I added/changed a few minor things on my Asteroids game. I also did most of a project for college.

The big news for me is that I have secured the services of both graphics and sound artists for my Asteroids game. When the various media are finished then I will be able to release it.

I have another project in progress, one that will probably get a lot more of my attention now that my Asteroids game is coming to a close. It is a ray tracer. This, of course, gives me an excuse to post a screen shot.

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Evolution – adventures with particles and Lua.

Posted in programming on January 1, 2008 by bbarrett

Particle systems

What fun. I wanted them in my Asteroids game. Here is the process I went through before I was happy.


Firstly, let me describe some basics of my game. It is simple enough. Firstly, 99% of game logic is in Lua, not C++. I wanted fine control of the particles from Lua. My game has two lists which it updates and draws, entities and effects. Entities are tested for collision, effects aren’t.

Before writing the particle systems, I had only 2 effect types, text and image. A text effect is used to draw the players score, and other miscellaneous announcements. Image effects are stuff like explosions and other eye candy that don’t affect other objects in the game.

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Project: Asteroids

Posted in nonsense on January 1, 2008 by bbarrett


I’m Brian, and I write games. I’m coming towards the end of development of my Asteroids clone. It has really come along and I’m hoping to release soon after New Year. It is a relatively simple, doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but can be fun to play. I’ll probably be using this blog to talk about programming, but game development in particular. More soon.

Happy 2008 everyone.