More work.

Short update.

I’ve gotten local variables and function arguments to work, along with introducing a boolean type. And lambda. However, I’ve seen some serious flaws in how my current system handles complex literals. This impacts any code that will depend on them, such as versions of defun and if which don’t take strings as arguments. To counteract this, some serious restructuring of my parser may be required, and a lot of rethinking done. I spent between 4 and 5 hours today on a bus, so I have a few A4 pages full of notes and ideas that I think I might be able to manage. I have already begun to implement some of it.

What I have done now is made a complete “guess the number” game that I want to be able to compile. Over the next few days I’ll try my hardest to focus on features that are necessary to make it work. When that is done, I might write up a post on however the system works as of then. Looking over the last few entries, I am not happy with them. They are too focused on what I have working, not how I got them working – which is what I intended to write about. In the mean time though, I need sleep.


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