New game

I’m working on a game, a potential UFEC entry, depending on how finished it is by the deadline.

The gameplay will be somewhere between Lemmings, Fantastic Contraption and IWBTG if it works out.

Basically, you have to get a bunch of amorphous blob like creatures (currently dubbed ‘critters’) from the start position to the end of the level. There will be various obstacles and impediments on the way to prevent you accomplishing your goal. You can attract critters towards the mouse, guiding them but you don’t have direct control of them. I may eventually include a “mouse gestures” system to support command-verbs such as “leap” or “run”.

Currently, the obstacles are more of a nuisance than actual obstacles. I will soon be adding a damage system, so the little critters will be dropping like flies if you don’t take care of them.

I’ve uploaded a gameplay prototype to Youtube:

If you have any comments, they would be more than welcome!


2 Responses to “New game”

  1. Andrzej Rylski Says:

    Nice, nice indeed. Just put some catchy dressing and it’ll be a hit.
    Consider to publish it on iPhone and DS.

  2. bbarrett Says:


    I think it could work well on the iPhone, its interface is purely mouse driven.

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