Critters Game Update

I only finished a bit this week, I ended up doing less than I had planned. If I am serious about finishing this in time for UFEC then I need to step up development a lot. I hope to get a good bit done this weekend.

What I did get done though was some code to allow me to play some sounds. I don’t actually have any sounds made for the game yet – I might put out a help wanted request for that. At the moment I just have a test application that use lwjgl’s OpenAL bindings to place a few sounds relative to the listener and play them. One of the sound loops and moves around, just to test that too.

I also added in some code for allowing the critters to grow and split (a bit like cells). This will be the proliferation aspect of UFEC. You will have points, which will be obtained at reasonably regular intervals between some of the tougher obstacles. You can spend these points on multiplying your critters, or evolving them to give them special abilities. It is the latter that I sorely need to get working, hopefully this weekend should see the first one or two evolved types. There are some serious bugs with the proliferation code where two critters can get locked together, or a critter spawns around terrain. I will probably have to put additional collision geometry on the critters to make it work right.

I enabled the code that allowed the critters to take damage. At the moment they simply have their alpha value set proportional to their health, I will change this to a quick red flash when they are injured, and maybe they will look a bit grey when their health is low. I might also relax the springs a little bit, which might help make the injured ones look a bit worse for wear. If you use the proliferation action on an injured critter, it will restore their health before fattening them up or splitting them.

Video of proliferation mechanic in action.

I also fixed quite a few bugs, nothing particularly hilarious though.

I will finish up by saying that I’m thinking of calling the game “Primordial Blues”.


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